The Furthest Distance in a Paradise Interrupted

A Jennifer Wen Ma Installation

After a long, productive winter I’m excited to share another project that has been in the works with artist Jennifer Wen Ma. Her piece 'The Furthest Distance in a Paradise Interrupted' will be part of Qatar Museum’s exhibition "What About the Art?" at Gallery Al Riwaq, Doha on March 13, 2016. My part in this piece has been executing the blown glass sculptures and fitting them with parts to attach to the pendulum. An excerpt from her spring newsletter describes the piece: “the viewer will enter an immersive space enclosed on all sides by a semi-transparent landscape painted on glass panels. Two glass pendulums suspended from the ceiling will move, swing, and emit the voices of performers from Paradise Interrupted (her installation opera which débuted last year), while projected images dance across the space.” The following are pictures of Jennifer and her team installing the work as well as some final pictures of the opening in Doha.