Out of the Archives and Into the Gallery

June 19 - September 13 2015


"Out of the Archives and Into the Gallery" is a show at the Pittsburgh Glass Center in conjunction with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  17 local glass artist were allowed into their private archives to examine and choose a piece of ancient glass. The artists will then recreate and reinvent the piece of their choosing.  Just to be able to go into the archives (and that we were allowed to touch!) was a dream in itself.  It was thrilling, and quite the educational experience to boot.

I chose an inkwell which is partly seen in the show advertisement below. Next to it is my recreation. If you look in the video below around 1:10 you can see the small octagonal inkwell to the left center of the photo.  Origin and date unknown, so it's extra mysterious to me.

(Original inkwell pictured second from bottom)




Check out the video below the Pittsburgh Glass Center made of a few of us rummaging through thousands of years of glass history. They even caught me on video being grabby hands with a giant islamic piece (always have to check out that punty mark). No shame. When in Rome!

Replica of 9th-11th? century Persian Inkwell

Perfume bottles. My re-interpretation of the inkwell.